Morgan's strategy

We have a strategy to make sure that we are the leaders in our field, with the customer and materials insight to apply our capabilities quickly and effectively.

Our goal is to make the best possible use of advanced materials to drive progress and solve difficult problems? for our customers and the wider world.

Our strategy builds on our strengths and focuses the Group on scalable businesses in attractive markets, and on the development of three distinctive competencies:

  • Materials Science
  • Application Engineering
  • Customer Focus

We will serve markets that are growing and where we have room to grow and where our customers value our differentiated products and services.

Pete Raby, CEO, Talks about our strategy

We continue to invest in the long-term health of the business, with delivery against four execution priorities which underpin our three core capabilities.

Increasing technical differentiation

Research and development investment has been increased to build Morgan’s technical lead and to accelerate new product development.

The Centres of Excellence allow for the concentration of development efforts in those areas which can deliver the greatest benefit globally to the Group.

Improving operational execution

There are a number of opportunities across the global business units to improve operational execution.

Resource and capital are allocated to target specific improvements to efficiency and effectiveness on a business-by-business basis.

Increase investment in people management and development

The Group aims to strengthen its leadership capability and deepen functional capabilities across the business, including in sales and engineering. New talent is being introduced and future leadership candidates identified from within the business.

Performance management is enhanced for the Group’s top management. The Group will invest more in executive training and create clear career paths for its technologists and engineers.

Drive sales effectiveness and market focus

The Group is focused on improving a number of aspects of its sales capabilities: sales processes and their efficiency, the management of key customer accounts and distribution channels, and deeper understanding of end-markets and faster-growing segments.

Our goal is to make the best possible use of advanced materials to drive progress and solve difficult problems – for our customers and the wider world.