Ethics ‘Speak-Up’ Hotline

The ethics 'Speak-Up' hotline, operated by the independent third-party company Expolink, enables employees and others who are aware of, or suspect, misconduct, illegal activities, fraud, abuse of Group assets or violations of any Group policy to report these confidentially without fear of retribution should they feel they cannot use a local channel.

The hotline includes local free-phone numbers in each of the countries in which the Group operates, with real-time translators available as necessary.

Issues raised through the hotline, or via other channels, and which may be anonymous, are followed up by the internal audit, Group compliance, and human resources functions, or members of senior management teams as appropriate. Further investigation may be conducted through internal audit. The Audit Committee monitors and reviews a summary of the results generated. The hotline was refreshed in 2019 to ensure it fully achieves its objectives.